Urgent Care Locations in Southern Nevada

More ways to get urgent care when you need it.

Get care for non life-threatening but urgent needs. Your health plan offers a variety of urgent care centers, including:

  • Two 24-hour locations through Southwest Medical locations and CareNOW.
  • Four women’s only urgent care centers through Women’s Health Associates of Southern Nevada. Women’s Urgent Care by WHASN provides urgent care services for gynecology and pregnancy.
  • Two orthopedic urgent care centers through Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center. Fast Track Clinic by Nevada Ortho provides care for acute orthopedic injuries.
  • Urgent care at home through DispatchHealth and Doctoroo.

Find an urgent care location near you.

Walk-ins are welcome. Locations and hours are subject to change. Some locations may have holiday hours.

Check SMA urgent care wait times by visiting SMALV.com or downloading the FollowMyHealth® App.

SMA Rancho

SMA Eastern

SMA Tenaya

SMA Siena

SMA Montecito

SMA Civic Center

Blue Diamond Quick Care

Centennial Quick Care

Enterprise Ranch Quick Care

Summerlin Quick Care

Spring Valley Quick Care

Rancho Quick Care

Peccole Ranch Quick Care

Nellis Quick Care

Sunset Quick Care

CareNow Urgent Care - Sahara & Hualapai

CareNow Urgent Care - Charleston & Sloan

CareNow Urgent Care - Craig & Clayton

CareNow Urgent Care - Rainbow & Mardon

CareNow Urgent Care - College & Horizon

CareNow Urgent Care - Craig & Decatur

CareNow Urgent Care - Durango & Flamingo

CareNow Urgent Care - Silverado & Maryland

CareNow Urgent Care - Tropicana & Jones

CareNow Urgent Care - Cheyenne & Durango

CareNow Urgent Care - Green Valley & Warm Springs

CareNow Urgent Care - Southern Highlands & Cactus

CareNow Urgent Care - Arby & Durango

CareNow Urgent Care - Ann & Simmons

CareNow Urgent Care - Eastern & Horizon Ridge

CareNow Urgent Care - Camino Al Norte & Ann

CareNow Urgent Care - Charleston & Decatur

Wynn Urgent Care

West Charleston Urgent Care

Pahrump Urgent Care

Dignity Health Medical Group Urgent Care

Horizon Ridge Urgent Care

Sahara Urgent Care

Nellis Urgent Care

Durango Urgent Care

Mowhawk Urgent Care

Jones Urgent Care

Eastern Urgent Care

St. Rose Urgent Care

Sunset Urgent Care

Bonanza Urgent Care

Buffalo Urgent Care

Lone Mountain Urgent Care

Providing urgent care services for gynecology and pregnancy.

WHASN City Center

WHASN Skye Canyon

WHASN Providence

WHASN Aliante


Providing care for acute orthopedic injuries.

Northwest Las Vegas Fast Track Clinic

Henderson East Fast Track Clinic


Urgent cares are not intended to address emergency or life-threatening medical conditions. Please call 911 or go to the emergency room under those circumstances.

The emergency room is for the treatment of life-threatening conditions which require immediate medical attention. If not a true emergency, you may be responsible for the entire cost of the visit.

Where to go for care

It’s important to know where to go for the type of care you need. Find out what health care services are available to you. For a complete list of contracted doctors/providers, search our provider directory.