My Health Plan

What is a Group HMO plan

It’s personal care made simple. Easier on the wallet, HMO plans are designed to save you money while providing you more support along the way. HMO plans offer lower monthly premiums, copays and out-of-pocket costs. You’ll pay a lower, predetermined copay for most doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, urgent care visits and emergency room visits.

HMO’s, or guided care health plans, are great for members who want a doctor dedicated to coordinating their care.

Here’s how it works:

  • You choose a network primary care provider (PCP) from Health Plan of Nevada’s HMO provider directory. PCPs are the leaders of your health care team. You and your PCP will work together.
  • You’ll see your PCP for routine care, yearly checkups, and other general health concerns. And, if necessary, he/she will communicate with other doctors, like specialists, to discuss additional testing or treatment. With an HMO plan, your PCP helps coordinate specialty care through a referral.
  • Preventive care available at no cost. Your plan covers preventive care screenings at no cost when you see a network provider.
  • You get a team of health care professionals. With our guided care model, we have a team of health care professionals working together to keep you healthy. PCPs, along with other providers, will coordinate your care.